What You Can Expect From Us

What You Can Expect When Working With Us

It would be foolish for us to promise everyone a quick and easy sale of their business, with little or no frustration and at the best possible price and conditions. Certainly, we have an excellent track record in selling business “properly”, but we are hesitant in making these kinds of bold promises to everyone.

By being selective, matching businesses to the specialist skills, knowledge and experience that our team possess only then can we make the bold statement that we are the best corporate advisor for the job.

What We Promise Should Your Business Match Our Specialist Service

1. Develop Your Business Marketing Plan

We will take the necessary time to specially develop a well-thought-out, written marketing plan for your business. We develop this plan with you, and before the business is actually placed on the market, so that it is presented under the best possible light and to the right prospective buyers. Proper planning will save you thousands by focusing campaigns on the right prospective buyers.

2. Professionalism & Quality

Without question, you will always find our approach to be courteous, responsive, honest and directly aimed at selling your business using proven marketing methods. We will tell you the truth, act responsibly and fairly and keep our promises.

3. Regular Contact & Updates

We will keep you informed always with  written and verbal reports, timely face to face meetings and immediate feedback after inspections. That way you are always in control over what is happening.

4. Our Unconditional Guarantee

If you are ever unhappy or dissatisfied with any of our services, while your business is unsold, we will immediately release you from any obligations that you may have with us.

Since each of our Advisors only works with a select limited number of businesses at any one time, we will want to get a better understanding of your business and goals before we can market and sell your business.