Our Experience

We could tell you that we have an enormous amount of experience in marketing businesses (which we do), but that would be just saying the same as everyone else.

However, we prefer to emphasise to you our experience, knowledge and skills as well as the tenacity, patience and eye for detail to deliver the following:

Time & Energy to do the Nitty Gritties

We have:

A. The time, energy, technology and contacts to do your marketing, negotiations, inspections, and contract assistance.

B. The ability to thoroughly analyse your financial results and current market conditions to help establish your business’s most likely market value.

C. Access and time to gather information about current trends and industry conditions to further assist with defining your business’s most likely market value.

Expert Knowledge in Areas that Add Value

We have:

A. Knowledge in analysing and maximising your business earnings to correctly reflect the underlying business performance.

B. Knowledge in understanding how working capital requirements will affect buyers and how to mitigate this affect.

C. Knowledge in how to maximise your business market value through different sale structures.

D. Knowledge in how to maximise competitive tension to maximise business value.

E. Knowledge in how to handle the situation if you have a business to sell before you can purchase or settle a sale on your next business.

F. Knowledge in what assets should be included in the purchase price of a business (and what should be excluded).

G. Experience dealing with contracts and issues related to the relevant acts. For example: the Business Agents and Motor Dealers Act 2000

H. Experience presenting businesses for sale which will maximise the business’s market value and ensure a stress-free sale.

Expert Negotiation Skills

We have:

A. The know how to MARKET your business to find the maximum BUYER interest to evidence what the BEST PRICE is.

B. A solid understanding of why similar businesses often do not sell for similar prices. The reason is, it all depends on the motivation of the seller and buyer. All One Business Broker advisors understand this crucial point.

C. Proven negotiating skills to help you negotiate your best price and terms.

D. The aptitude to objectively assist you to make a selling decision without having an emotional attachment to the business.

E. An enormous amount of combined experience which translates into an informative, enjoyable and convenient experience for you.