Targeted Searches

Why use One Business Brokers to act as your buyer’s agent?


We are often approached by business owners to seek out new acquisitions. If you have a potential target in mind or a set of criteria you want satisfied, One Business Brokers can provide the expert guidance you value.

When we are retained by you as a Buyer’s Agent, our duty of care is to you, rather than the Vendor. As business brokers, we provide negotiation advice on price, terms and conditions of sale on your behalf, not the vendor’s. As a licenced business broker, we can only act on behalf of either the buyer or the seller, never both.

Targeted searches

One Business Brokers can provide targeted acquisition searches based on your individual needs. We can:

  • Search for businesses that meet your criteria;
  • Identify and qualify potential targets;
  • Provide a written summary of qualified targets; and
  • Ensure your confidentiality is maintained throughout the process.

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